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Version: 2.10.0


Subscriber is crashing with the error dial:websocket: bad handshake

It is a network issue. It seems your subscriber is unable to access the server. While installing agent, It creates a config called agent-config to store some metadata like server endpoint, accesskey, etc. That server endpoint can be generated in many ways:

  • Ingress (If INGRESS=true in server deployment envs)
  • Loadbalancer (it generates lb type of ip based on the server svc type)
  • NodePort (it generates nodeport type of ip based on the server svc type)
  • ClusterIP (it generates clusterip type of ip based on the server svc type)

So, you can edit the agent-config and update the node IP. Once edited, restart the subscriber. We suggest using ingress, so that if the endpoint IP changes, then it won't affect your agent.

Not able to connect to the Litmus chaos Control Plane hosted on GKE cluster.

In GKE you have to setup a firewall rule to allow TCP traffic on the node port. You can use the following command:

gcloud compute firewall-rules create test-node-port --allow tcp:port

If this firewall rule is set up, It may be accessible on nodeIp:port where nodeIp is the external IP address of your node.

I forgot my Litmus portal password. How can I reset my credentials?

Just run the following command:

kubectl exec -it mongo-0 -n litmus -- mongo -u admin -p 1234 <<< $'use auth\ndb.usercredentials.update({username:"admin"},{$set:{password:"$2a$15$sNuQl9y/Ok92N19UORcro.3wulEyFi0FfJrnN/akOQe3uxTZAzQ0C"}})\nexit\n'

Make sure to update the namespace and mongo pod name according to your setup, the rest should remain the same. This command will update the password to litmus.

While uninstalling Litmus portal using helm, some components like subscriber, exporter, event, workflows, etc are not removed.

These are agent components, which are launched by the control plane server, so first disconnect the agent from the portal then uninstall the portal using helm.

Unable to Install Litmus portal using helm. Server pod and mongo pod are in CrashLoopBackOff state. Got this error while checking the logs of mongo container chown: changing ownership of '/data/db/.snapshot': Read-only file system.

It seems the directory somehow existed prior to litmus installation and might be used by some other application. You have to change the mount path from /consul/config to /consul/myconfig in mongo statefulset then you can successfully deploy the litmus.

We were setting up Litmus Portal, however, the Self-Agent status is showing pending. Any idea why is this happening?

The litmusportal-server-service might not be reachable due to inbound rules. You can enable the traffic to it if on GKE/EKS/AKS (by adding the port to inbound rules for traffic). You have to check the logs of the subscriber pod and expose the port mentioned for the communication with the server.

After logging in for the first time to the portal, /getStarted page keep loading after I provided the new password

First, try to clear the browser cache and cookies and refresh the page, this might solve your problem. If your problem persists, then delete all the cluster role bindings, PV and PVC used by litmus and try to reinstall the litmus again.

In the logs of Helper pod, I am getting this error Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?

You need to Provide the correct socket path. By default in Portal CONTAINER_RUNTIME is set to docker, If Your container runtime is containerd then you have to change the CONTAINER_RUNTIME to containerd and SOCKET_PATH to /var/run/containerd/containerd.sock. You can find these in tune experiments part of the tune workflow page.

We have installed ChaosCenter successfully but the Litmus ChaosHub is in error state and manual cloning of a Git repository does not work.

It is most probably a network issue. Currently the ChaosHub feature is not supported in airgapped environment since it requires cloning of a remote git repository. Make sure you have an active internet connection to clone the git repository. If the issue still persists, you can manually add the git repository in the server pod. Here are the steps for the same:

  • Step 1: Exec inside the litmus-portal server pod and graphql-server container
kubectl exec -i -t <litmusportal-server> -n litmus --container graphql-server -- sh 

Check if the Chaos Charts directory is available. The directory structure is like


Create these directories if not present inside /tmp/version/ :

mkdir <project_id> 
cd <project_id>
mkdir <hub_name>
  • Step 2: Clone the Chaos-Charts/Hub repository locally

  • Step 3: Use this command to copy the hub directory from your local system to the litmus-portal server pod

kubectl cp <location to chaos-chart/hub directory> <namespace>/<litmusportal-server-pod-name>:</tmp/version/<project_id>/<hub_name> -c graphql-server


kubectl cp /home/amitkrdas/Chaos-Charts/chaos-charts/  litmus/litmusportal-server-6df9c5895d-57xx7:/tmp/version/686c1da2-da9c-4029-9c6a-528a9455a3b3/"Litmus ChaosHub" -c graphql-server 
  • Step 4: Once the chaos charts directory is copied, refresh the ChaosHub page in ChaosCenter.

Getting invalid token error while running litmusctl commands

Invalid token error occurs when the authorization token is not valid or expired. Authorization token expires in 24 hours. To solve the problem you need to generate a new token and update it in .litmusconfig.

The following command can be used to do the same

litmusctl config set-account