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Version: 3.0.0-beta8


The ChaosCenter comes with a project management system which can be used for working on chaos scenarios with multiple different projects across different chaos delegates.


Before learning abpout the concept of projects, it is important to note that a project signifies a separation between Chaos Delegates,Schedules, Visualization, and Teams (discussed in the next section) configurations, and prior knowledge of these will prove fruitful in understanding the concept of projects in-depth.


The project management feature is the second level of privilege layer delivered by the ChaosCenter and a breakdown can be observed in the below diagram:

The specifics of project management with respect to different first layer privilege levels (Admin/non-admin users) are discussed below:

The Admin user of the portal has a default project (named as admin’s project) created on the initial login, and by default has the owner privileges in this project.

The Admin can create a user (these users will be treated as non-admin users), and each of these users will have their own projects created on completion of their initial login. The Owner of a project can invite multiple users to their project, and a user can be a part of multiple projects, these features are covered under the teaming section.


Projects can be imagined as separations between multiple different configurations for your chaos and help you manage collaborations between multiple teams.

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