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Version: 3.0.0-beta8


The User Guides section details Processes, User-flows and How-tos detailing all sorts of scenarios in various environments. Technical details and inner workings of the various components are explained in the Concepts section.

Advanced Installation

Install ChaosCenter and Chaos Delegate in various environment configurations.

Injecting Fault

Constructing, Scheduling, Editing and Observing chaos scenarios.

Observing Chaos

Set-up monitoring, Analyze and Compare various metrics that help you make reliable decisions regarding your application.

Event Triggered Chaos using GitOps

GitOps in Litmus provides a way of using Event-Driven Chaos Injection, where target resources(stateful sets, deployments, etc.) can be configured to automatically trigger chaos scenarios with any changes in the resource spec.

Account Settings

Changing your personal details such as the email, full name, and password.

User Management

Adding and Deactivating users to ChaosCenter and Resetting passwords for users.

Managing Projects

Probes are pluggable checks that can be defined within the ChaosEngine for any Chaos Experiment.


Adding members to a project, Editing user-invite and Removing team members from a project.

Using different Image Registries in a Chaos Scenario

Using different Image Registries like Docker, Red Hat Quay, Google Container Registry in a Chaos Scenario.

Uninstalling Litmus

Disconnecting Chaos Delegate and uninstalling ChaosCenter.